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Organic products or good for the whole family

  • Les vertus du Chai tea Latte

    Connaissez vous le chai tea latte ? Si vous connaissez cette boisson c'est souvent parce que vous l'avez gouté chez Starbuck ou que vous avez voyag...
  • Les couches lavables tout-en-trois - TE3

    Tout savoir sur les couches lavables TE3. De quoi sont faites les couches lavables TE3 leurs avantages et les inconvénients. Quel type de couche choisir lorsque l'on veut faire une transition vers les couches lavables ?
  • Washable protective pants

    All you need to know about washable panties. The advantages and disadvantages of these diapers compared to other solutions.
  • Equipment and maintenance of cloth diapers

    Have you decided to use cloth diapers for your baby? To make your life easier, you'll need to equip yourself. Congratulations, you are going to make a small investment for big savings. Here is what you will need:
  • All about TE1 cloth diapers

    All you need to know about TE1 cloth diapers, advantages, disadvantages, what we like about them and how to use them.

    We enlighten you on the possibilities of cloth diapers so that diaper changing is no longer a problem!

    Cloth diapers are becoming a must-have for parents and babies.

  • All-in-two cloth diapers - TE2

    We are going to talk about TE2 cloth diapers or we will discuss the advantages of these diapers and the disadvantages, do not hesitate to leave us...
  • How to choose a cloth diaper?

    There are 3 types of cloth diapers: The TE1 "all in 1", the TE2 "all in 2" and the TE3 "diaper plus cover". The TE1 ...
  • In this interview with Christine, she tells us about her past experience with the disposable diaper to the cloth diaper.

    MyOrganicStuff: Hi, Christine, can you first tell me why you chose to switch from a disposable to a cloth diaper? Christine: I'll be honest with yo...
  • Cloth diapers for the pool: the pool diaper

    If a child is still using diapers, he or she must use a swim diaper in the pool, whether disposable or reusable. If the child pees in the water, it...
  • Disposable vs. cloth diaper

    It is important for you to know the differences between disposable and cloth diapers in terms of price, use, ecological impact and impact on your b...
  • TE1 TE2 TE3 layers, understand everything!

    When you search for cloth diapers online and you see all kinds of diapers with names like TE1 or TE2 and different sizes or when you look at anothe...
  • How do I choose a cloth diaper?

    First of all, what is a cloth diaper? It's a cloth diaper made of natural fibers used with bamboo fiber inserts, this diaper is washable then reusa...