The portage mei taï: advantages and uses

The Mei Tai is a means of carrying made up of a rectangle in scarf fabric accompanied by 4 panels (2 panels for the straps and 2 panels for the belt ventral). It's a Chinese-inspired baby carrier.

It requires fewer knotting techniques than a scarf and allows the baby to install more quickly while preserving the physiological aspect of the wearer and the wearer. Some mei tai are adjustable at the level of the wearing seat so that they can be worn from 2 or 3 months and others are not. In the latter case the mei tai will be usable rather around 6 months (on average). The small Chinese-inspired square will give you the option to wear on the side too.

 Mei Tai baby carrier scarf

The Mei tai, a great alternative to the scarf

The offer has grown considerably by offering adjustable mei tai at the level of the baby's seat, which makes it possible to maintain a physiological posture. The adjustment is most often done by small cords to tighten at the bottom of the apron or pressures.

We find in this category the Hop-Tye from at Hoppediz Or even the evolu'bulle from Néobulle . In adjustable mei tai we also find the Babycarrier from home Storchenwiege which is a hybrid because it has two sides as suspenders but a waist belt with clips like the preformed ones. It is also adjustable in terms of seat to accommodate a baby under 6 months. You will find non-adjustable Mei tai which will in this case be possible to use around the 6/9 months of the child like the BB Tai from Babylonia for example.

Some will have deployable straps so that the fabric can be spread over the shoulders. For others it will be padded shoulder straps. We find a mixture of the two with the evolubulle since it has padded shoulder straps and sides which end in deployable to "make" a seat or a reinforcement under the buttocks of the baby when it becomes heavier .

A quick installation with the Mei tai port

Some parents will prefer this type of babywearing because it is reassuring.

  • no knotting or very little in the end
  • lightness of the carrying method
  • less fabric for baby and parent
  • symmetrical carry on both comfortable shoulders


Evolu'bulle :
- adjustable at the level of the seat
< / span> - padded shoulder straps
- adjustable in height
- from birth to 15 kg
- Plain colors


BB Taï:
- Deployable shoulder straps < / span>
- From birth to 5 years
- Several plain or striped colors


- hybrid: padded shoulder straps to tie like a mei tai / ventral belt
adjustable and clip-on
- adjustable in height


Hop Tye:
- Very pleasant fabric and thin
- Unpadded deployable panels
- Adjustable seat and height
- Most suitable

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