The sling portage: advantages and uses

The sling is the essential tool almost from the birth of the baby until walking. It is recognized easy to use by parents for its "knotless" side. This is why this method of carrying is acclaimed by future parents!

At the start of your baby's life, asymmetric sling porting will not necessarily be a problem for the wearer because the baby is not heavy, then later it may not be suitable for some carriers because the baby is will be heavier and this portage remains an asymmetrical portage, that is to say on a carrying shoulder. It is a practical carrying method, quick to install, consisting of a mini sling and its two rings. Some people like the fact that they don't tie a knot, it reassures them. The sling is ventilated for the summer. It allows to wear small and large in an optimal physiological position at any age. A 2 year old child who wishes to be carried and then walked etc ... we will find a definite advantage in the sling at these times.

 portage sling: advantages and uses

The sling: an airy and practical way of carrying

You will find several fabrics that make up the slings on our site:
- A slightly elastic material, very soft and pleasant for toddlers as with the little knotless scarf from JPMBB (I wear My Baby).
- Cotton twill woven to go from birth to walk : as with Néobulle which is made in France, as well as Colimaçon

This carrying method is really useful from birth for a front carry then on the hip before moving to the back. On the hip means that the baby will have his 2 legs on each side of the wearer in order to widen his field of vision. The sling is particularly suited to this position.

The I Carry My Baby slings

The I Carry My Baby slings

- Very pleasant fine fabric ideal for newborns

- Reversible to change colors as you wish < span style = "font-weight: 400;">

- Without sewn pleats so deployable flaps and volte on the shoulder possible

Néobulle slings

 Neobulle slings

- Bulline model with sewn pleats or Neo sling with unstitched pleats.

- Various colors for all tastes

- 100% French

Colimaçon slings

- Unstitched pleats, pan to deploy on the shoulder
- 100% francais
- Plain colors

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