Les portages d'appoint : avantages et utilisations

These baby carriers are so-called extra carrying means . There is even talk of carrying aid.

Advantage : quick to install and very airy. It dries particularly quickly.

A real port, quick and easy to install. It is said to be extra because it relieves the wearer.

However, it does not free both hands like a classic carry because one hand must be placed at the top of the baby's back for support.

It is a great tool for swimming in the pool or in the sea, going back to school etc.

Here are the recommended extra carrying methods:


100% French
Can be worn in town or in the sea / swimming pool
Dries very quickly
One size adjustable


100% French
For daily extra carrying
A sizes


100% French
For swimming - dries quickly
A sizes


For extra carrying but on both shoulders
Style kway - folds for a minimum of bulk
< span style = "font-weight: 400;"> One size - adjustable

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