Preformed baby carriers: advantages and uses

The physiological preformed is the direct cousin of baby kangaroo carriers with the difference of respecting the physiology of the worn in order to guarantee it an adequate position in the baby carrier.

The preformed has loops and clips and does not require knotting. It is actually usable as long as the child is able to grip their ankles and / or sit up.

This age will remain very variable in babies. Some can be worn around 5 months while others will have to wait 7 months ... So when is the sale of these preformed from birth? manufacturers recommend carrying a newborn with the help of the integrated panties or even a cushion for some.

In preformed, the portage on the side is possible but not on all the baby carriers. It will be necessary to watch to see if the straps unclip so that they can already be crossed in the back in front portage and especially to be able to place them so as to carry on the hip like the Manduca or the Physiocarrier of JPMBB for example. Carrying on the side with this kind of tool is not very practical because the padded shoulder straps can be awkward for the wearer. The installation is not the easiest either.

The physiological preformed pleases parents enormously because it is the one that most visually resembles the baby carriers that parents are used to finding in stores. It's a bit like the principle of the backpack: an apron, two padded shoulder straps, a lap belt and everything closes with clips. A real quick installation especially for a child who is already walking and / or a parent who does not or no longer want to tie a sling.

Advantage: no knotting

Disadvantage: real optimization of the installation around 5/6 months.

However, there are preforms sold with a reduction system or birth panties (Manduca) or cushion (for the ergobaby or the physiocarrier).

The preformed easily replaces the mountain backpack which ultimately weighs more heavy and does not allow close wearer / worn contact. The parent's balance will be preserved with a preformed.

The choice of the preformed

There are quite a few preformed products on the market and despite the online comparisons that we find it will be preferable to be able to try in the workshop or with a person already in possession of one of these preforms.

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