Carrying in a sling: advantages and uses

The scarf allows a physiological portage from birth to walking as well. It has the advantage of carrying on both shoulders. Many knots are possible with the scarf: the kangaroo, the crossed wrap, the sling (if we add two rings), the simple hammock, the hip loop or ring etc ... It will remain the tool of portage which offers the most possibilities in terms of knotting. The portage on the hip will be done very well in a sling: hip loop, hip sliding ring, hip sliding knot, kangaroo hip.
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We see more and more parents wearing slings. So why ? It is a means of physiological portage which allows a nice distribution of the weight on the carrier where the baby is installed in a naturally physiological position (the knees higher than the buttocks, seated in the fabric, the hands grouped towards the face, the head in line with his spine). There are many, many brands when it comes to scarves so the choice is overwhelming. The sling must be of good quality for the safety of carrying. a simple fabric bought from the local merchant will not do the trick;) The most common material is 100% cotton woven in twill / split twill. Then knitted scarves are also very popular with parents. Below we present different brands of scarves according to their category.

Knitted or stretch scarves

Stretch scarves allow you to prepare the knotting on you before installing baby. This is for example the case of the scarves Je Porte mon bébé (JPMBB) with its two flagship models: the Basic and the 'Original. But this is also the case with the Boba brand.

Specificities of Je Porte Mon Bébé stretch scarves

 BASIC model

BASIC template:
- Stretch cotton and elastane
- One size fits all
- Possibility to tie the basic knot before installing baby
- Width 50 cm ideal for the little ones, front and hip carry
- Fabric thinner and less heavy than the Original model

 ORIGINAL model:

ORIGINAL template:
- Contrasting colored pocket
- Expandable to cotton and elastane base
- One size < span style = "font-weight: 400;">
- Possibility to tie the basic knot before installing baby
- Width 70 cm from birth to walking and for carrying on the back
- Fabric a little thicker and more supportive than the Basic model < / p>

 the Boba Wrap knitted scarf

Specificities of the Boba Wrap knitted scarf

- Stretch cotton and elastane
- One size fits all
- Possibility to tie the basic knot beforebaby installation
- Width 50 cm ideal for the little ones, front and hip portage
- Fine, light and pleasant fabric

Twill scarves

They can be plain cotton or with jacquard patterns, for something more worked into cotton. You will find many models among the brands Néobulle , Colimaçon and Storchenwiege . A good woven twill scarf will allow you to carry it safely. Most scarves are 70cm wide and vary in length. We will favor a length of about 4m60 to adapt all the knots on almost all sizes of carriers. With a short scarf for example 3m60, we will rather opt for the ventral or dorsal kangaroo or the hip carry. No need to buy a 5m20 scarf you wouldn't know what to do with the rest;)

The woven scarf can be worn with a single layer of fabric on the baby's back which allows it to be used in winter and summer. From a color point of view, as a beginner you will find it easier to tie a striped scarf so you can spot fold by fold with the help of colors.

 The Spiral twill scarves

Colimaçon twill scarves

- 100% French
- organic cotton
- solid colors for a sober and chic look

 Storchenwiege twill scarves

Storchenwiege twill scarves

Very old German brand known for its striped colors.

 Neobulle scarves

Néobulle scarves

Simple twill:
- 100% French
- twill fabric
- different striped or plain colors

 In jacquard

- 100% French
- jacquard model with more elaborate designs
- finer and more pleasant fabric

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