Washable protective pants

Protective panties are not a replacement for a diaper on their own. It must be accompanied by a classic diaper, a swaddle, a contour or any other absorbent system such as washable or disposable inserts.

The protective panty is the waterproof part of the diaper

There are several materials:

- In PUL. It is a very fine and very waterproof material. These panties are to be used during the day.

- In wool. The most natural material that exists. It is very breathable and waterproof. An ideal panty for the night, to let breathe the little buttocks of our children who spend a long time with the diaper.

- Fleece, a breathable but relatively warm material like the Lulu Nature brand.

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The protective panties close with velcro or pressure.

They are most often one-size-fits-all from birth to cleanliness. There will therefore be several pressure bands on the height. Otherwise in variable sizes as for the wool panties.

The advantages of protective baby panties:

the panties are very thin.

the panties are easily hand washable.

panties dry in record time.

panties are inexpensive, the most economical system in terms of washable diapers.


They take a little longer for the baby to change, since you have to put two separate parts.

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