All-in-three cloth nappies - TE3

There is 3 types of washable diapers All in 1, all in 2 and all in 3. There are also swimming diapers but we are going to focus on the Washable All in 3 diapers:

In France the washable diapers All-In-Three (TE3 ) for babies are relatively new to the market compared to other washable diaper systems.

The All-In-Three diaper means the diaper is made up of a pack of 3 washable parts :

A decorative outer part, called panties. It is only there to personalize baby's washable diaper and make it pretty.
A waterproof part, the pocket. Made of nylon, it is elastic to form a waterproof protection.
An absorbent part, called an insert (bamboo, cotton). The inserts are placed in the pocket.
A disposable part, the sails, only waste.

The washable diaper kit in practice

This washable diaper system is not a big job compared to the first two protective cloth diaper systems explained. However, using this product pack of washable diapers is just as easy.

Baby's panties are usually never soiled. The panties can therefore be used several times before washing.

As with every diaper system, you must have prepared a diaper change in advance so as not to have to do too many manipulations with the baby on the changing table.

When you diaper your child, put the dirty diaper aside to put on a new one, and take care of the soiled diaper afterwards. See our article on maintenance of cloth diapers

The protective insert goes directly into the bucket waiting for the washing or in the bag.
Regarding the bag, if it has been touched by stool, wash it at home, a few strokes of the sponge will be enough to remove the dirt. When it comes to stool stains, remember that the sun is your best ally!
If the pouch has not been soiled, then put it outside for ventilation. When it has taken a good breath of fresh air, you can take it back to prepare a new change.
As for the washable panties, you can reuse them a good number of times as long as they are not not dirty, exterior or interior. This part is machine washable and hassle free. On the other hand, you must avoid the dryer to preserve the velcro.

The advantages of TE3 washable diaper packs

These are very thin washable diapers, which go very well under baby's clothing.
Due to their delicacy, they are very flexible and very practical for all the child's movements.
Its cost is minimal if we calculate everything we need.
Since they are in a kit and separate into several parts, they dry very quickly in the open air.

The disadvantages of TE3 washable diapers

They require a little more preparation (inserts, pocket, panties) than the first two systems.

Which pack of kit of washable diapers and baby inserts to buy?

Going to zero waste in your diaper organization either in clear stopping disposable diapers to switch to cloth diapers you can make a smooth transition by keeping a set of disposable diapers for when you have zero patience or time for this type of product.

In France there are several protection products but what you will need is a washable diaper pack containing:
A set of fabric panties (variable size or fixed size there are several choices)
A set waterproof pocket
A set with inserts (bamboo, microfiber, or cotton the system is to be chosen according to the day or night)
A set of disposable veils

For washing we you conLet's read our article on natural water detergent. Put the diapers to wash in a bath before washing.
Accessories also essential for zero waste:
- diaper bin (not for waste but for diapers while waiting for laundry)
- bag waterproof

You will find on our site a wide choice of diapers for classic prices, from high-end hammock diapers to diapers at low prices but very effective. Organic or non-organic washable diapers depend on the origin of the microfiber, PUL and bamboo used. 100% organic washable diapers are rare.

Delivery of all-in-three (TE3) washable diapers cost zero on myorganicstuff ,; delivery is free throughout our site.
Discover our zero waste products for babies:
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Absorbent bamboo inserts
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Disposable veils
The waterproof bag
Accessories for children

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