Evolution of the baby during pregnancy (month by month)

If the evolution of baby in the womb is almost magic, we are often curious to know what it looks like or what it is. goes out of sight ...
Thanks to our pregnancy monitoring you will learn the essentials about baby's development month by month!

The first trimester of pregnancy (month by month)

1st month of pregnancy
  • The size of the embryo is 2 to 5 mm at the beginning of pregnancy
  • The umbilical cord is being formed
  • The main organs are starting to put in place (the heart and the digestive tract)
  • The outline of his heart begins to beat
2nd month of pregnancy
  • The size of the embryo is about 3 cm and it weighs a few grams at the end of the 2nd month < / span>
  • Early development of brain, liver, stomach and pancreas
  • The kidneys and spine begin to stand out
  • Arms and legs lengthen
3rd month of pregnancy
  • The size of the embryo has tripled
  • Development of nerve cells
  • The skeleton continues to form
  • The face begins to sculpt
  • The baby goes from an embryo to a fetus. He starts to move but the mother still feels nothing

The second trimester of pregnancy (month by month)

4th month of pregnancy
  • The baby's height is 19 cm and he has reached 200 g
  • The legs are now longer than the arms and his body becomes more and more harmonious
  • Organs begin to function
  • His retina is always covered by the eyelid and sensitive to light
  • He begins to fidget
  • Development of the nervous system that allows baby to discover a multitude of senses
  • The baby detects and interprets the signals: he hears, he smells, he sees, and he perceives the taste in addition touch!
5th month of pregnancy
  • The baby's height is 26 cm and he has reached 500 g
  • Fingerprints and nails are forming
  • Baby begins to move and his movements are more and more lively
  • The brain is now fully formed. At the same time, the lungs begin to develop.
  • Baby's gender is now clearly visible on ultrasound
  • The nails, hair and hair are developing and the respiratory movements are triggered little by little
6th month of pregnancy
  • At the end of the month it measures 33 cm and weighs 900 g
  • Baby is very active and pregnancy is becoming interactive!
  • It is now completely covered by lanugo, a very fine down suitable for fetuses
  • Fat begins to form under her skin
  • His hearing system is now complete, so much so that he perceives sounds very well
  • Baby is more and more attentive to what is going on outside: he gets used to voices, sounds and to caresses.

The third trimester of pregnancy (month by month)

7th month of pregnancy
  • At the end of the month his height is 37 cm and he has reached 1.5 kg < / li>
  • If baby is still moving vigorously at the beginning of the month, he will start to calm down because the space is reduced significantly! < / span>
  • His lungs are finishing their ripening
  • His fat gets thicker and regulates his temperature better and better
  • Baby can open her eyes and her eyelashes are now long
  • His sexual characteristics assert themselves: the boy's testicles descend and the girl's ovaries make the premises for the eggs < / span>
8th month of pregnancy
  • It measures 43 cm and can weigh up to 3 kg at the end of the month
  • Baby will turn around (like 95% of babies) to have their head down and prepare for childbirth
  • It usually keeps the legs bent, and the head lowered with the chin against the chest
  • The fingernails have now covered her fingertips
  • All of her organs, except the liver and lungs, work as they will after birth
  • Its development is almost complete, it only needs to take a few more centimeters and a little weight < / span>
9th month of pregnancy
  • The height of the baby is 50 cm and he weighs about 3.3 kgs
  • The down that covered her body is gradually disappearing
  • It starts to prepare and goes down towards the basin to get closer to the exit
  • The vernix (whitish substance) that protects her skin begins to come off: it will act as a lubricant during the childbirth

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