What exactly is a washable diaper?

Parents new to the field are hesitant about which diapers to use. The washable diaper rating begins to increase. However, next to it, others do not yet know the use of this type of diaper. So, dear parents-to-be or parents currently or interested, here is an article which will explain in detail the washable diapers for baby. Read on for all you need to know about washable diapers .

Cheap washable diapers

What is a washable diaper?

As the name suggests, it is a type of baby diaper that can be washed after use. Its main difference from disposable diapers is that it can be used multiple times.

What are its main components?

In general, a washable diaper has the following elements:

  • The absorbent or the insert
  • Protective panties
  • Elastics
  • Velcro or pressures

The absorbent or the insert

Several names are possible but the most used are absorbent and insert. This is the part where baby's waste goes: urine and stool. Its role is therefore to absorb any liquid that is in this area, especially urine.

Protective panties

This is the waterproof outer part of the material. It is the diaper support that helps hold baby's stools.


They are used to maintain and adjust the diaper on the waist and thighs •


This is the scratch to tie on both sides of the baby.

What sizes are available for these diapers?

For this, there are two:

One size fits all

Also referred to as a scalable size, it accommodates babies between 3kg and 15kg. It adjusts with snaps on the front of the diaper. •

The multi-size diaper

This type of washable diaper can be used for each baby's size, depending on their weight. A change is therefore necessary for each weight gain of the baby.

What types of inserts to choose?

In France, between 2 and 3% of parents use washable diapers for their babies. You have the choice between different inserts:

Cotton inserts

In particular in organic cotton. They have many advantages such as guaranteed comfort and practicality because they can be washed in hot water and can be put in the dryer. However, it dries up very quickly if it is stretched out. •

Bamboo inserts

These inserts promote better absorption capacity than cotton, it is very soft for babies. They are also antibacterial. In comparison, the drying method and the fragility disadvantage bamboo fibers.

What are the advantages of getting this type of diaper?

While disposable diapers discourage parents because of its negative effects, washable diapers provide several benefits:

Baby comfort and ease

The lack of hypoallergenic material can make babies uncomfortable with disposable diapers. There is zero risk of severe irritation, so they cause less skin irritation.

Possibility of adding protection

Whether it's the absorbent or the protective panty, other options are possible. There is the booster or insert liner which provides double protection and more capacity. Also, on the panties, a protective veil results in a protective film responsible for collecting the stool, which has the effect of limiting leaks. •

Action for the environment

Disposable diapers are formed by chemicals that pollute the environment, unlike cloth diapers. •

Spend cheaper

For a disposable diaper, the use is unique. While for a cheap washable diaper , it can serve a baby up to 10 uses on average, after every wash. The same goes for the purchase of a washable diaper kit which can be done in a pack or in a batch. It is therefore more profitable in the long term.

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