Uses of breast milk for care

Breast milk is a precious nectar and ideal food for newborns and toddlers. However, this is not its only quality since it can be very useful in treating many ailments and also fits perfectly into the composition of beauty recipes.

Fresh, unfrozen breast milk is a true remedy from. To date, several pharmaceutical companies have already filed for patents and seek to use some of its components to make drugs.

It is made from pre-milk and fatty milk. Pre-milk is the transparent liquid at the start of a feed that is very effective in tightening and drying the skin. Fatty milk, on the other hand, is the white-yellow liquid at the end of the feed that can intensely nourish the skin.
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 Mother's milk-based care

For your baby:

Breast milk doesn't just have nutritional benefits for your baby.

In case of irritation of any type of skin ( eg diaper rash), you can spread breast milk on the affected area and let it dry.

For infant acne, cradle cap or dry eczema, mix 20ml of fatty breast milk with 1 tsp of organic olive oil and dab the areas.

For purulent eczema, you will need to apply pre-milk to the areas to dry out until the skin is dry. Renew applications often.

It is also important to point out that breast milk is a natural antibiotic, so it can be used against Otitis, conjunctivitis and colds. < span style = "font-weight: 400;">

You can wash your baby's nose with breast milk instead of physiological saline. If the stream of milk coming out of the breast is strong enough, you can send a squirt, pressing on the breast, into each nostril. Otherwise, squeeze out a few milliliters of milk by hand and aspirate them with a previously emptied saline pod (squeeze the pod to release the air then plunge into the milk, release, the milk is aspirated). Then, put your baby in position, head to the side, and put milk in the upper nostril. Turn his head and do the same in the other nostril.
< br> If your "little one" has a very stuffy nose, you can first wash it and then, 10-15 minutes later, start again so that it is in contact with the mucous membranes. The big advantage of milk over other products is that if it accidentally passes down the throat it does not irritate at all.

Namely, instead of the baby nose, which can be irritating , you can breastfeed your baby by lying on his back (or slightly raised for comfort) and placing him on your stomach with his mouth on your breast; so your baby sucks with his nose down: the secretions go down naturally, all you have to do is wipe off.

In case of conjunctivitis, or irritated eyes, you can put several times a day a few drops of breast milk in the eye.

If your child has an ear infection, the anti-inflammatory elements in milk will help with healing and relieve pain. Even in the event of a pierced eardrum or the risk of it happening, the milk in the ear will not pose a problem and will continue to act since milk is a human liquid (unlike medicinal dropsuses which are contraindicated in the event of a pierced eardrum).

Care for mom:

Your milk isn't just there for your baby, it can benefit you too. For example, used as is on the skin, like a cleansing milk, it will cleanse, hydrate, tone and make your skin soft and luminous.
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Use as a face mask is also possible:

To do this, mix 1 tbsp. of pink or white clay with 1 tbsp. tablespoons of very fatty milk. Apply the resulting solution and then let it dry for a good quarter of an hour. Finally, rinse off with water or with a rose or orange blossom water lotion.

If you want to get an exfoliating mask, mix breast milk with mixed cooked rice and a little olive oil. You will get an ideal blend for soft, glowing skin free of all dead cells.

You can also use it as a massage after shampooing on dry hair to repair damaged hair.

Breast milk can even help with warts, small abrasions or burns. To do this, apply extra-fresh milk and renew the application regularly.

You should know that fresh milk also works very well against all digestive disorders simply by drinking 20 to 30 ml of milk a half an hour before the meal.

Breast milk can work for many things, so do not hesitate to do tests especially since there is no risk of effect negative, whether for your baby or for yourself. Anyway, for all recipes, it is better that you express fresh milk every day, so that it retains all its qualities and remains the most effective.

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