All about TE1 cloth diapers

TE1 diapers or all-in-one cloth diapers

These cloth diapers are also called "all-in-one" diapers or AiO diapers (All-In-One) some also call them reusable diapers. In short a lot of diaper names for the same diaper!

What we like with TE1 cloth diapers:
- easy to start diapers,
- protective layers to be used day and night
- diapers for keeping

The All-In-One diaper means that the entire diaper must be washed each time it is used. After a good wash and let the diaper dry in the open air, the pants can be reused the next day.

The different types of TE1 cloth diapers :
- The TE1 cloth diaper
On these cloth diapers the absorbent insert is sewn inside the diaper. The waterproof fabric (PUL) and the liner are therefore one and the same diaper. Everything is washable and inseparable. The inside of the panty is in contact with the baby. No need to have a lot of washable inserts in stock

- TE1 pocket diapers
In these cloth diapers the waterproof protection is still sewn to the absorbent fabric on the inside. The absorbent fabric sewn into the inside of the cover has a lining with a small slit to insert an absorbent layer on the side of the baby's back. The practical side is that the addition of an absorbent insert increases the protective capacity of the diaper by increasing the absorption of liquids. The insert can be in one piece, there can be two clip-on or foldable inserts. There are inserts in several sizes to fit all sizes of cloth diapers, although many are adjustable.

- Advantages of TE1 cloth diapers
Easy to use layers with adjustable size
Quick layers to apply
Easy to wash diapers
No need for batches of different parts
No need for protective pants in addition to the diaper as in classic pants
The prices

- Disadvantages of all-in-one diapers
Absorption is sometimes limited without an additional absorbent layer.
Coatings may require a slightly longer drying time.

We have selected sets of cloth diapers or kits with bamboo or hemp inserts depending on the absorption of the diaper. Some babies use diapers with a bamboo insert in addition to the diaper during the day and a hemp insert in the pocket of the diaper for the night. They are thus well protected against leaks. Practical and accessible, all-in-one diapers are a good choice to start in the world of cloth diapers whatever the size of the baby!

Whatever diaper you use, we always advise parents to add a disposable liner to the diaper to avoid the drudgery of washing stool. You only wash the diaper and the insert and throw away the veil which is not washable.

Discover the different types of All-in-One (TE1) diapers on our website :
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- TE1 pocket diapers

- Washable inserts
- Disposable sails

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