Pregnancy monitoring month by month for pregnant women

It's confirmed, you are pregnant! But what will happen during each month of pregnancy in the body of the future mother?

The first trimester of pregnancy (month by month)

The first month of pregnancy

  • No rules this month!
  • Tight, heavy and swollen breasts
  • Some nausea, fatigue, an irrepressible desire to sleep or to pee for some
  • Pain in the lower abdomen (similar to menstruation pain), which is nothing other than small uterine contractions without gravity or consequence
  • The hormonal upheaval (increase in progesterone and estrogen) can cause problems in some: nausea, great fatigue ...
  • The uterus, which has significantly increased in size, begins to weigh on the bladder, and this weight causes frequent want to go to the bathroom throughout the day

The second month of pregnancy

  • Very recent pregnancy is not yet visible on the outside
  • Nausea usually gets worse during this time, and may last until the end of the third month.
  • Fatigue is very heavy and the mother-to-be falls asleep a bit anytime < / li>
  • Crazy hormones promote a kind of emotional instability resulting in mood swings < / li>
  • Tears of tears or of joy, bloating, constipation, heavy legs, and for some always nausea
  • Anxieties, similar to those of the first month
  • Breasts continue to grow

The third month of pregnancy

  • The mother-to-be's uterus has already grown to the size of a grapefruit
  • Belly still not rounded
  • The nausea will be almost gone
  • Fatigue is still very present, as the body adapts
  • The blood volume increases, so does the need for oxygen, and the kidneys work harder than usual
  • Hormones (progesterone) tend to slow down digestive functions
  • This is the month of the first ultrasound, which takes place between the 9th and 11th week of pregnancy ... Great moment!
  • The second trimester of pregnancy (month by month)

The second trimester of pregnancy (month by month)

The fourth month of pregnancy

  • Less fatigue, pump strokes are better managed and nausea has almost disappeared!
  • The belly begins to round, the uterus takes up more and more space, and the clothes begin to get too tight… It's time to change your wardrobe!

The fifth month of pregnancy

  • Pregnancy is visible from the outside now
  • The uterus is the size of a melon
  • Blood volume has increased a lot
  • 500-600 more calories that are burned per day.
  • Possibility of having back pain
  • The feelings of hotness and the sweating more important are done more and more (the blood pressure is higher) < / span>
  • The feeling of heavy legs sets in, cramps, tingling ... Watch out for varicose veins!
  • Mom may start to see brownish spots on her face (It will disappear a few weeks or months after the childbirth)
  • A brown line often appears in the middle of the belly.
  • The uterine muscle prepares and the perineum softens to let the baby pass
  • The mother begins to feel the baby moving inside her

The sixth month of pregnancy

  • She gets more and more short of breath with the slightest effort, because she is always breathing for two.
  • Her uterus, which is growing as the baby is growing, may start to cause some pain in the tummy
  • She has gained at this stage between 5 and 8 kg and her belly is well plump
  • The now imposing belly begins to seriously bother her: you have to adapt your movements, or even the position to sleep .

The third trimester of pregnancy (month by month)

The seventh month of pregnancy

  • Heartburn and reflux can occur, especially at night.
  • The breasts may start to secrete some colostrum, ie the first milk.
  • The belly, it weighs more and more: it is time for the dads to take care!

The eighth month of pregnancy

  • The belly continues to grow,
  • fatigue and heaviness force the expectant mother to slow down and lose her balance from time to time.
  • The nights are starting to be restless: urge to pee, acid reflux, dreams and anxieties intensify… don't panic, it is simply the release of natural and unconscious tensions!
  • Mom may feel isolated contractions which are quite normal.

The ninth month of pregnancy

  • Childbirth fatigue and anxiety
  • She begins to breathe better since the uterus moves away from the thorax, but the counterpart is that as it does new pressure on the bladder, frequent urges to pee return.
  • The body prepares itself more and more in broad daylight: the pelvis widens, the lower abdomen tightens < / span>
  • Some small contractions can be felt, more and more frequently, but as long as they are not regular, close together and really painful, it is not yet the time to give birth.

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