Why choose wooden toys?

In recent years, wooden toys have been popular. They return to the forefront and delight young and old ... and the environment! Favoring wood for children's toys and games is both a positive gesture for their health and for the planet. Discover all the advantages of this noble material for healthy and eco-responsible toys.

Wooden toys vs plastic toys

    • Wooden toys are more environmentally friendly than plastic toys. Wood is natural material and durable by excellence, while plastic comes largely from petroleum products.
    • Some of the substances used in the manufacture of plastic toys can be harmful (phthalates, bisphenol A, heavy metals or still synthetic fragrances…)
    • Since they are timeless and < b> resistant , wooden toys are more durable , so they can be passed on from generation to generation and go against overconsumption.

Wooden toys for babies

Among the advantages of wooden toys for babies is their non-toxicity , their solidity and the pleasant feeling to the touch they provide. When baby brings whatever he finds in his mouth, the safety of a toy or a wooden rattle is reassuring. It is also an ideal material for awakening baby's five senses, especially touch. And since delicacy is not necessarily the first quality of toddlers, a resistant material like wood is perfect!

Montessori wooden toys

When baby is older, he can discover new games that will stimulate his creativity and its curiosity . Wood is used in the manufacture of many construction toys, educational and playful, which follow the principles of the Italian educator Maria Montessori. The Montessori wooden toys , which have the particularity of being colorful, promote children's sensory development and autonomy. < / span>

Wooden toys, of course, but what kind of wood?

If you're not taking a big risk in buying a wooden toy, you can still look at its composition. Prefer toys in natural wood or in solid wood like those of birch, beech, ash and rubber.

Are wooden toys the only environmentally friendly toys?

Wooden toys are environmentally friendly as the wood comes from sustainably managed forests , but there are also eco-friendly plastic toys! They are made from recycled plastic or from sugar cane or corn. Let's mention for example the brand Green Toys which manufactures toys from recycled milk bottles! You will also find BIOBUDD building blocks made from the remains of sugar cane plants.

How to choose the right wooden toys?

A good way to choose a wooden toy that is both environmentally friendly and safe for your health is to look at where it comes from and trust the logos visible on its packaging or on its label. The FSC or " PEFC " guarantee that the wood comes from a sustainably managed forest!

Remember that the main material of the toy is not everything. Also make sure that the paints used are completely harmless. Manufacturers of wooden toys who adopt an ethical and responsible approach most often opt for water-based paints.

ecological gifts for children .

Responsible tip: ecological and zero waste gift packaging!

Want your gift to be eco-friendly all the way? Here are some more durable alternatives to wrapping traditional wrapping paper:

  • Recycled kraft paper
  • Newsprint
  • Old wrapping paper to reuse
  • Magazine sheets
  • Beautifully knotted fabric scraps Furoshiki
  • Reusable hessian bags
  • Traditional Christmas shoes or socks
  • The back of a white draft sheet that you have decorated with felt or watercolor

These alternatives are also often an opportunity for creative hobbies to do with the children before Christmas! Making zero waste gift wrapping can be a snap. Add a pretty ribbon or natural burlap or linen string and a cardboard label with the person's name and you're done! Reuse ribbons that you have found on chocolate boxes or store gift boxes for example.

Merry ecological Christmas!

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