Homemade chocolate spread

How can you not fall for a homemade chocolate-hazelnut spread recipe?
Easy and quick to make, this delicious spread chocolate (no palm oil)
will delight your children ... and older ones! It remains to be seen who will finish the pot ...

 Homemade spread

The ingredients of the recipe:
< br> - 150 g organic skinless hazelnuts
- 10 g of raw organic cocoa
- 100 g of organic chocolate
- 25 g of organic powdered milk
- 5 tbsp of organic agave syrup
- 10 ml of organic sunflower or hazelnut oil

The chocolate spread recipe:

Place the oil, agave syrup and hazelnuts in a blender, and mix. Add the other ingredients and blend again until you get a smooth texture.

Your spread will keep for 1 month away from heat and light.

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