The virtues of Chai Tea Latte

Do you know the chai tea latte ?

If you know this drink it is often because you have tasted it at Starbuck's or because you have travelled to India.The chai tea latte is a recipe based on a spicy mixture called masala and black tea that has been brewed in a pan with water to which milk has been added. Sugar or honey can be added to the ingredients to make it tastier. Masala chai means mixed spice tea in English.

Home made Chai Tea Latte

To make your chai latte recipe you can mix the spices :- Black tea
- Cinnamon
- Cardamom
- Black pepper
- Cloves
- Ginger
- Star aniseed
- Vanilla
- Honey
- Nutmeg
- Home brew this mixture in hot water with milk for a few minutes. You can then serve it in cups. This chai latte preparation can easily replace a coffee at breakfast or during the day.

If you are not ready to run to the shops to find all these ingredients there are several ways to make a chai latte. The recipes are very different depending on whether you take a syrup, a powder, a pod or a real mixture of spices, tea and honey. At Starbuck you will be served a chai latte in syrup, ultra sweet it has its followers, the machines and the powder can also do the trick but you lose the virtues of the spice mixture.

The virtues of the chai tea latte

Chai tea is believed to have many virtues including:- Anti-inflammatory properties which reduces the pain of artrosis - Fights stomach aches and helps digestion - Improves digestion - Reduces cardiovascular risk thanks to cinnamon - Like coffee, black tea contains caffeine which will give you a boost to start the day. If you are allergic, the masala chai latte can contain:- The following products: Cinnamon, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Cloves, Ginger, Star Anise, Vanilla, Honey, Nutmeg, check just before you consume it.

We also recommend this chai because all the ingredients are organic and therefore grown with respect for the planet which is particularly important to us.

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