All-in-two cloth diapers - TE2

We will tell you about the TE2 washable diapers or we will discuss the advantages of these panties and the disadvantages, feel free to leave us comments at the end or your testimonials.

All-in-two or TE2 washable diapers

The All-In-Two (TE2) washable diapers are generally a little cheaper than All-In-One diapers (TE1) and some consider their use a little less simple.
TE2 means that the diaper consists of two parts and that you don't have to wash everything each time you use it.
< br> The composition of the TE2 washable diapers is:

- waterproof part with gussets for the outside, they close with pressures or a Velcro.
- inside absorbent part, an insert is put in the panties. Either there is a pocket or the insert hangs with pressure. The insert can be in one part or bend.

To be effective, you will need more inserts than panties and also plan a change in advance.

Parents , while waiting to wash the diapers use a bucket or waterproof bag when removing the diaper and the panties are soiled.

If the panties are not dirty you can put them on the edge of the sink or of the bathtub so that it ventilates a little after rinsing with water.

It will be necessary to use another changing while waiting for the diaper to dry.

When the panties are dry and ventilated you can use it for the next change

You will therefore need 5 to 9 inserts and 3 to 4 panties per day but we advise you to plan more panties if they take a long time to dry at home.

the advantages of te2 washable diapers

The two parts of the layer are independent which allows it to dry very fast compared to a TE1.
The TE2 panties are very thin and therefore dries quickly. If the waterproof outer part is not soiled it can be used several times. Several inserts can therefore be used for the same panty. In practice, we will alternate the panties to give the panties time to ventilate and change the child more simply by already having an insert + panty change already ready when we change the child's diaper. br>
You therefore save money compared to All-in-One since you buy fewer panties. In addition you can also switch to the hybrid diaper system with a disposable insert in the panties.

Say it like that sounds simple but we know that it is difficult to choose the right diapers !

The disadvantages of TE2 washable diapers

TE2 protective panties should never be tumble-dried. For the insert (the absorbent part), you can put it in the dryer a little, but it is recommended to let it air dry. These layers are perfect for the day, at night you will need a specific insert or night booster.

Here are the All-in-Two (TE2) washable diapers that you can find on our site.

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