Classic washable diapers

Like protective panties, classic diapers do are not to be used alone.

This is only the absorbent part of a diaper. You will therefore need to use protective pants over them.
< br> There are classic layers of different materials. Make your choice according to the properties you are looking for and the sensitivity of your child's skin.

Classic diapers are often in a neutral color since they are hidden by the protective panties. However, there are more and more pretty colorful classic layers.

  • In practice

It will be necessary, as always, to prepare changes in advance.

Most regular diapers fit like a normal diaper.

Once you put it on your child, don't forget to put on some protective panties. < / span>

Make sure that no part of the classic diaper is visible over the protective panties. Otherwise you will have leaks.

When it is necessary to change the child, remove the diaper, put a new diaper on your child, and take care of the dirty diaper afterwards. < span style = "font-weight: 400;">

The classic diaper being automatically soiled, put it in the bucket to wait for washing.

Regarding the protective pants. If it is dirty, put it in the bucket to wash with the rest of the diapers.

If it is not soiled or has just been in contact with urine, pass a wipe the sponge over and hang it out to dry. She will be able to breathe a little before being used for a new change.

  • The advantages of classic diapers

Hyper absorbent, it is the most reliable system there is.
There is a lot of material making up a classic layer, which allows to make a wise choice.
The cost of cloth diapers with classic panties is the most economical system.

  • The disadvantages of classic diapers

They are a bit thicker than other cloth diaper systems.
The change is a little more tedious since you have to add a protective panties on top.

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