The benefits of extractor juices

Why go to juice?

The health problems that we may experience are mainly explained by what we eat and the environment in which we live. It's essential to go back to a least processed diet possible , and juices are a great way to do that!

Consuming raw vegetable and fruit juices helps prevent diseases like cancer.

At the present time, food intake is very poor in nutrients and lifestyles marked by drugs, pollution, coffee etc ... come to draw from our vitamins and minerals. The body clearly lacks essential nutrients for health. Juices are a great way to switch back to a less processed, more natural diet . Digestion is then easier. Juices will decrease your body's acidity and restore its acid-base balance. Juices from fresh vegetables and fruits allow consumption of all the nutrients they contain.

Raw vegetable and fruit juices are great for getting all the nutrients (minerals, vitamins and nutrients) without being denatured.
Indeed, when the vegetables (and sometimes the fruits, for example those which one puts in a pie) are cooked, these various elements are for some destroyed or denatured.
This is why it is better to make your own juices using a juice extractor which has a low speed of rotation (80 revolutions / minute) and not of a centrifuge, which has too high a speed of rotation (15,000 revolutions / minute).

The juice extractor preserves the enzymes and a good part of the vitamins.
Namely that juices bottled (even organic) sold in supermarkets are pasteurized juices for their preservation and which have lost all their nutritional qualities.
< span style = "font-weight: 400;"> It is therefore essential to drink your homemade juices to enjoy its benefits.

A successful homemade juice:

  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables,
  • More vegetables than fruits so as not to add too much sugar during the day
  • To drink without meals
  • A few drops of lemon to help conserve vitamins and minerals while you drink your juice < / li>

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