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The Washable Diaper Guide: Benefits and Differences

cloth diapers are nowadays a lot more practical than those used by our grandmothers.

They are preformed
They are elastic (at the waist, around the thighs)
They close with velcro or pressure
They are cut for each body type, adapted to the age of children
And plus size, they are beautiful!

Washable diapers are machine washable.

You can use a protective sheet to collect stool easily. Then you throw the stool in the toilet, and the liner can either go in the trash or be washed if it hasn't been soiled with stool.

Some parts are tumble dry, d 'others air dry quickly.

From a practical and economical point of view, washable diapers do not require more investment. Washable diapers are even 2 to 10 times cheaper than disposable diapers!

From a health perspective, cloth diapers are best for kids. Say goodbye to synthetic chemicals on our children's brand new buttocks. And hello soft materials!

With a simple test, do you find it comfortable to wear a sanitary napkin for several days in a row?

Your panties are not they not softer? We even go so far as to wear silk for more comfort. Why inflict this on our children when we have the option of changing it?

Today everyone can find something for themselves in cloth diapers. Everyone can find the system that suits them, with the time and investment they want.

However, it should be noted that there will be some small adjustments to make. In terms of laundry, accessories to have at home, time between each machine, clothes ...

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