Breastfeeding guide: frequency, milk flow ...

Encourage the flow of milk

Many factors go into the process of rising milk . Even if it is not always easy, there are some tips to promote the arrival of milk and thus avoid engorgement.

It is important to avoid any source of stress and fatigue and make sure mom is relaxed. Indeed, they represent a brake on the rise in milk and make breastfeeding complicated. To promote the flow of milk, it is also necessary to frequently breastfeed the baby in order to stimulate the glands and the production of milk.

Diet also plays an important role in milk production, it is recommended to consume products promoting milk production such as; carrot, lentils, fennel, star anise. It is also important to drink a lot, water, special breastfeeding herbal teas, milk etc.

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Position baby correctly

Sitting position

The mom:

  • The shoulders are at the same height, the elbows well placed on a cushion or an armrest
  • Place baby's head firmly on his forearm so as not to strain the muscles of his neck


  • Her body should be turned towards mom, her head towards the breast
  • The tongue is glued in a cup (U-shape) under the nipple and over the gum, her lips are rolled up on the breast

Lying position


  • Lying down, a pillow under your head, relaxed
  • She approaches baby well against her so as not to push the chest forward with a gesture that would pull on the back


  • Baby's head but also baby's body must be facing mom
  • Wedge her buttocks and possibly put a cushion on her back

Some correct suction marks:

  • Baby's cheeks don't hollow out when sucking.
  • There is movement at the junction of its ears and jaw during sucking. < / li>
  • The swallowing of the milk is more or less audible.
  • In addition to the pain caused, a bad posture can cause a risk of engorgement. When the nipple is not fully in baby's mouth, he cannot suck effectively.

Breastfeed baby ... from a bottle!

You don't have to breastfeed to feed your baby with breast milk! Bottle feeding your own milk is always called full breastfeeding. After the first month, you can even alternate, without reefthat baby does not find your breast greedily. And then the dad will be very happy to give a bottle to create a bond with his baby with always so many benefits of breast milk in a bottle.

Express your milk

It is not always possible to breastfeed your baby, so sometimes it is necessary to express the breast milk. To improve your expression, choose a quiet place, avoid any form of disturbance that could lengthen the process and take your time to adapt and make your milk come up.

Find the right equipment: opt for a manual breast pump if your need is only occasional. If your need is more frequent, the electric breast pump will be perfect for you!

Make sure your hygiene is good. It is recommended to wash your hands before each expression of milk as well as all the elements used for the expression.

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Mum's diet

Breastfeeding adds about 500 calories per day for the mother. Overall, we can say that the diet of a nursing mother is the same as that of a pregnant woman. Attention must be paid to quality fatty acids, calcium, iron, proteins, vitamins, and it is in this that the nutritional density must be privileged rather than the caloric density: choose foods rich in nutrients , micronutrients and good quality rather than high calorie empty foods.

Of course, toxic substances passing into breast milk, alcohol and cigarettes should be avoided. As for drugs, they are mostly available in compatible version. Be sure to tell your doctor that you are breast-feeding when you see them about a health problem.

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