Equipment and maintenance of cloth diapers

Have you decided to use cloth diapers for your baby?

To make your life easier, you will need to equip yourself with a pack. It's a big step towards zero waste!

It's a big investment at the start but with the washable diaper kit you will save compared to disposable diapers.

Let's see together the list of baby protections and set of equipment you will need for your cloth diapers.
- A set of classic washable diapers (waterproof and absorbent part)
- Des absorbent protective inserts (bamboo insert, cotton insert, hemp insert, microfiber insert)
- Disposable insert veils

You will need a pack of 10 to 25 diapers depending on the age of the child and washing frequency (see our dedicated article), you can also find a kit with the typical set of products.

Everything is not required to switch from disposable diapers to washable diapers but to put in place a simple and effective diaper routine we advise you to be well equipped.

The Internet is full of articles on washable diapers, disposable baby diapers and the transition from a washable to a disposable diaper . Our favorite is "Washable diapers" from jouvence editions. An easy to read diaper book with all the information you need to get by with cloth diapers!

Washable diapers:

There are 3 types of washable diapers, whatever the size:

The washable all in 1 diaper,

The washable all in 2 diaper

The washable all in 3 diaper < br>

There are many articles on the choice of diaper so we won't go into details here. You can choose a washable diaper pack produced in France very few are really organic and some of the raw materials are not often produced in France. You will also find cheaper diapers produced abroad (often in China), the delivery is really cheap see the delivery is free. Some accessories like natural laundry detergent can be homemade to lower the price of the cloth diaper system. Washable diaper lot price: from 25 € the lot of 4 diapers to 35 € the diaper

What interests us and the elements to accompany the layers:

The diaper bucket

No need for a specific washable diaper bucket, an airtight garbage can will do, depending on your budget.
This diaper bucket can store the baby's diapers while waiting for washing. It should be stored dry after rinsing to avoid the proliferation of bacteria. A bucket of the right size will do.

Tea tree essential oil

Natural antibacterial this essential oil will protect your layers during storage and 'avoid bad odors due to the proliferation of bacteria on dirty diapers. These oils also exist in the form of spray for washable diapers. A drop or two on the diaper before storing it in your bucket will do. The essential oils will disappear in the wash, so it's safe. The typical product for baby's panties is natural and goes in the water, without waste in the bath.

Storage bag or wet bag

A washable diaper bag. Waterproof it can store the washable diapers used on the go or at home if you prefer this diaper bag to a bucket. Practical, the bag is impervious to odors and liquids. Soak your diapers in a water bath before washing them in the machine at less than 30 ° C. For the choice of the machine a classic machine is perfectly suitable, for the product prefer the natural one that also avoids the waste. Price around 15 € per waterproof fabric bag

Disposable protective veil

The protective veil goes last in the diaper. It eliminates the need to scrape the diaper when changing diapers. You can just flush it down the toilet with its (solid) contents. A must in our opinion! You will find it in a set of 100 veils, to be used both day and night in baby's panties. Price less than 10 € for 100 sails

Washable cloth wipes

Washable wipes are super practical and you can also store them in the waterproof bag. We also recommend using liniment to help clean the baby's bottom. There is also a lot to say about it, we will do another article.

Absorbent inserts

It is a staple of the washable diaper. Depending on its material, the inserts are more or less absorbent and also more or less thick. We recommend having several types of inserts depending on your child and the times. For at night a super absorbent hemp insert for the day a bamboo or microfiber insert may be sufficient, if you change the diaper more often this may be less absorbent.
Price from € 15 to € 25 for a set of 5 absorbent inserts depending on the material (bamboo, cotton, hemp, microfiber)

Here is the equipment that produces zero waste that we recommend:

- washable diaper (waterproof and absorbent part)

- Absorbent insert (bamboo, cotton, hemp, microfiber) < / a>

- washable diaper bucket

- waterproof and odor-proof bag for washable diaper

- protective veil

- washable wipes < br>

If you have any advice to share, please put it in comment. Because the washable baby diaper shouldn't be a problem, let's help each other!

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