In this interview with Christine, she tells us about her past experience with the disposable diaper to the cloth diaper.

Today we have the testimony of Christine, mother of a little girl, she tells us about her experience of switching from a disposable diaper to a washable diaper.

MyOrganicStuff: Hello Christine, can you first tell me why you chose to switch from disposable to washable diapers?

Christine: I'll be honest with you, very first reason to switch to cloth diapers was the money saving factor. With the washable panties, I noticed that my diaper budget had dropped significantly. I was already using washable hygienic protectors for my personal use, it m felt natural to switch to cloth diapers with my kids.

MOS: Of course, was the transition from using disposable to cloth diapers difficult? How would you describe it?

Christine: At first it was not easy but I have read many articles which have helped me choosing the right diapers for my baby . We had to take a few reflexes like preparing a change in advance. At first I don't know anything about cloth diapers, you have to equip yourself with inserts and cloth diapers at the same time and figure out which insert to use when. It has all been a bit frustrating when there have been accidents, especially outside the house. But once I got geared up and put my diaper and insert organization on it went well. It now looks like a changing routine.

MOS: Which one is easier to use?

Christine: Definitely the disposables, you use them once and throw them away. You don't have to worry much about cleaning and everything. But you know this facility comes at a price for the future of our children and I didn't want to charge it.

MOS: And how would you define the disadvantages of the disposable diaper?

Christine: We don't really know what they put in the diapers and throwing a diaper made out of plastic every time the baby changes it hurt my heart. Plus my husband and I love to swim, so as soon as we could we went to the pool to do the baby swimmers. The swimming pool diaper was really great for baby swimming.

MOS: Dangerous certainly but you what is your experience?

Christine: Well dangerous because first of all disposable diapers are not good for the baby, they can cause rashes and many other dangerous things. Second, they are dangerous for the environment because they are not at all environmentally friendly. Disposable products take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills. And expensive, of course, because they are more expensive because you have to constantly buy them until the moment your child stops wearing diapers.

MOS: Yes, it is true, but some people still balk to use cloth diapers. What do you think of this?

Christine: Yes, there is more work when you use cloth diapers. You need to change your baby's diaper and wash it. It also means you'll have a lot of cleaning to do, and cloth diapers take a little while to dry. But for my case, I don't mind the extra work as I have found my changing rhythm and diaper routine, I know these panties are good for my baby and I don't want to contribute to doing more damage to our environment.

MOS: Great! So what would be your advice to new moms based on your experience?

Christine: Try using cloth diapers. It is much safer for your child and the environment. It takes a bit of work, but it's okay, you'll get used to it when you start to see the money-saving, eco-friendly and health benefits for your baby. Set up a ritual for the diaper and the cloth diaper organization will take place by itself. Good luck it's worth it!

Thank you Christine, as she comes to discover our pretty washable bags and absorbent inserts to make the transition to washable diapers easier

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