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Cloth diapers for the pool: the pool diaper

If a child is still using diapers, he or she must use a swim diaper in the pool, whether disposable or reusable. If the child pees in the water, it will dissipate through any type of diaper. The diaper you put on must keep solids in case an accident occurs. Indeed the pool may have to close the bath in case of such an accident.

Bath diaper are not supposed to keep pee because bath diapers are to prevent stool.


The washable bath diaper is much like a cloth diaper. It has the same process of use, except that the material is different. You put it on your child like a normal diaper under his swimsuit and your child is ready to go swimming and have fun.


The washable and adjustable diaper means you only have to buy one diaper. The swim diaper will last you from the time your child is a baby to the time he or she is out of diapers. That's because it has all the adjustable snaps to fit around the waist and thigh area of the diaper. This way the diaper fits babies in a nice and secure way so that nothing can escape. The weight limit is actually from 3 to 15 kg. This wide size range for diapers should cover most children who wear diapers. They are stretchy and comfortable. The fabric they use will not cause any harm to your child. The outside of the fabric is 100% polyester sweater. It is completely waterproof and the inside is a soft mesh material. It is thus comfortable for your baby and easy to wash.

It is a great option if you want to save money and not buy many diapers. The fit of the diapers are tighter and without absorbency, so your child can move more in the water. There are no diapers that absorb urine in the water. Whether they are cloth or disposable diapers, all can only contain solids. There are two types of swim diapers, those with adjustable snaps and those with one size fits all. The adjustable snaps are completely flat for easy cleaning in case of an accident. Buying one size fits all reusable diapers can sometimes give you a better fit. You will need to buy more as your child grows older.

The fabric consists of a thinner polyurethane layer. Underneath it is a laminated fabric that looks like a single layer. It can be smooth or textured or matte or shiny depending on the brand you use. When these two layers start to separate. It is delamination and the end result is that your layer is not waterproof. Unfortunately, you cannot repair a delaminated diaper. So, over time, a cloth diaper can become damaged. The care instructions during washing are that you can put them in the washing machine. Dry at low temperature without using bleach so as not to damage the elastic and the material.


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