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How to choose a cloth diaper?

There are 3 types of cloth diapers: The TE1 "all in 1", the TE2 "all in 2" and the TE3 "diaper plus cover".

The TE1 diapers

These are the most used diapers, the use is similar to disposable diapers because we will change the whole set each time.

Contrary to what its name indicates it is composed of 2 parts : a diaper and an insert or diaper.

The waterproof diaper is lined with microfiber inside with a pocket where we will insert the insert or absorbent diaper to absorb urine.

TE2 or "all in 2" diapers

TE2 layers are very similar to TE1, the difference is that the inserts are not inserted into the pouch but clipped inside the layer. This allows when baby has not had a bowel movement to keep the diaper waterproof and only change the insert. In reality I almost always have to change the diaper with the insert. 

The TE3 diapers or "diaper + panty liner".

Those look like two layers that we would superimpose. An absorbent diaper that is not waterproof on which we add a waterproof but not lined protective pants.

How to attach the diapers?

There are two diaper attachment systems with pros and cons:

The pressures
The scratchs
The pressures are a little more complicated to fix than the scratchs on the other hand we often see that they suffer more from washing. And washings there are some ;)

So how to choose cloth diapers ?

In use, there is no real difference between TE1 and TE2. It is more the choice of the inserts that will make the quality of the diaper and the efficiency against leaks. The hemp ones are the most absorbent but the microfiber ones are more resistant to washing and less expensive.

TE3 are the most effective against leaks, but they are longer and more complicated to put on the child and they make their butt bigger. It is therefore more difficult to dress them with normal pants.

What about the protective or disposable veil in all this?

In any case, I recommend the use of a disposable veil that is put last in the diaper. This veil allows you to pick up the stool and throw it down the toilet without having to scratch the diaper! Very practical, it's a must have !!!

But the tastes and colors as well as the organization leaves everyone free to choose !

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