How to choose a vegetable drink for baby?

If you want or need to give a baby other than breast milk ... you can turn to vegetable drinks in addition to breastfeeding or follow-on milks which are formulated from cow's milk.

 Vegetable drink

So-called "follow-on" infant formulas must comply with rigorous European regulations defining the levels in vitamins, minerals, proteins etc ... milk given to the baby until the age of one year. We can then offer growth milk or give from 6 months, in addition to "bio-vegetable" bottles which come from oil plants such as almonds, chestnuts, or even give cereals such as vegetable rice drinks. or soy, as long as you take into account the protein deficiencies in some, or the presence of estrogen in others…

The vegetable almond drink is thus rich in calcium if it has been enriched with algae. The vegetable drink of rice is for its part very digestible and is recommended for preparing the first small dishes of diversification, but it is very low in protein. The vegetable soy drink must be offered very occasionally because it is too rich in estrogen and can also prove to be allergenic .

Vegetable drinks made from oilseeds:

- Vegetable almond drink: rich in energetic and protective vitamins: A, B, C, E, minerals high in calcium , trace elements, essential fatty acids, and amino acids. Suitable for babies exposed to digestive disorders and skin problems.
- Chestnut vegetable drink: very digestible source of calcium, contains all essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins B1 and C, magnesium. Its sugars enrich the intestinal flora. Very good digestibility and excellent remineralizing. Indicated for babies suffering from gastric reflux.

Drinks made from cereals:

- Vegetable rice drink: from 5 months, rich in slow sugars and very low in fat, it is very digestible and can be offered to children when they are sick or tired to relieve their digestive system. It contains too little protein to be the baby's only food. This drink will be of better nutritional value by being incorporated into almond puree, sesame, or almond or chestnut powder.

Vegetable drinks selected by us

Brands take baby's nutritional needs into consideration, that's why most mix together several foods, so that the nutritional qualities of each complement each other.

: Real liniment 100% of natural origin, has only 4 ingredients. It is ideal for changing babies.
  • CitroPlus 800 Grapefruit Seed Extract GSE-Vertrieb : This food supplement made from organic grapefruit seed extract contains vitamin C, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system < / span>

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