Ecological Christmas gifts: 5 ideas and tips

December 25 is fast approaching and you want to offer your loved ones ecological, sustainable and meaningful gifts? We have put together a list of ethical gift ideas for a green and eco-responsible Christmas, whether you are looking for eco-friendly gifts for children or adults, sensitive or not to a responsible lifestyle!

Green Christmas gift n ° 1: a useful and lasting gift

Let's start with the basics, a green Christmas present is first and foremost a gift that will be used by the person to whom you give it. As with all gifts, think carefully about that person's tastes. A gift that ends up in the back of a drawer is not environmentally friendly! Bet on the quality and usefulness of the product offered. So that your gift is truly an ecological gift, take the time to learn about the brand of this object, its origin, its manufacturing conditions and its composition.

Green Christmas gift n ° 2: a consumable gift or an immaterial or DIY experience

If you are running out of ideas or you do not know very well the person to whom you want to give an eco-friendly gift… Opt for a gift that can be eaten like a delicious Chaï tea Gabee tea < / a> (It is not written on the box but everything is organic) to prepare a delicious chai latte at home that will please and comfort on long winter evenings!

This is an opportunity to re-read our article on the virtues of Chaï latte

Another more personalized gift idea are the silver spoons mottled and engraved with a personalized message. We particularly like the ones from Make my Spoon. They are hand engraved to order. And then it's ideal if you have a message to convey!

Make my spoon store: personalized spoons

You can also make Christmas gifts yourself, an opportunity to share a Christmas DIY moment with the children! It could be a DIY sewing like making a Christmas sock or making a calendar from the front out of scraps of fabric. Children will appreciate DIY Christmas decorations: paint paper mache or salt dough shapes or create Christmas wreaths with branches picked up in the forest and some shimmering ribbons. These unique and customizable eco-friendly gifts will delight all family members on Christmas Eve!

For your loved ones, choosing an intangible and ephemeral gift as an activity to do together is an ecological gift: an evening at the theater, a concert, an afternoon in an amusement park… Limiting the consumption of material goods at Christmas can be part of an eco-responsible approach.

Green Christmas gift n ° 3: organic beauty products

Christmas is often the occasion for beauty products. This year, offer organic treatments or make-up. Concoct your personalized selection by choosing à la carte products or fall for organic and ethical makeup and cosmetics sets already ready !

Why not introduce your loved ones to the use of solid, zero-waste cosmetics? Receiving a solid shampoo as a Christmas gift allows you to try something that you wouldn't necessarily have tried everything (e ) alone!

Green Christmas gift n ° 4: the opportunity to introduce your loved ones to ecology

To discover the benefits of zero waste to your family, you can also offer zero waste and durable accessories. Reusable cottons readable, konjac sponges and solid cosmetics for the bathroom; bamboo or stainless steel straws and reusable food packaging for the kitchen… You can also opt for a very pretty stainless steel gourd at take it everywhere to limit the use of plastic bottles! These zero waste Christmas gifts are useful and are sure to be a treat.

To give a gift to followers of a lifestyle and consumption more respectful of the planet, pick a books on an ecological garden, a healthy diet or even on the education of children.

Green Christmas gift n ° 5: gifts for children

If the children to whom you want to give an ecological gift are old enough to understand the stakes of ecology, you will find many books and board games for them. raise awareness of the challenges of our time and make them discover the world. For the little ones, wooden toys or toys designed with responsible and non-toxic materials will be perfect and will delight both children and their parents. Quickly discover our selection of ecological gifts for children .

Responsible tip: ecological and zero waste gift packaging!

Want your gift to be eco-friendly all the way? Here are some more durable alternatives to wrapping traditional wrapping paper:

  • Recycled kraft paper
  • Newsprint
  • Old wrapping paper to reuse
  • Magazine sheets
  • Beautifully knotted fabric scraps Furoshiki
  • Reusable hessian bags
  • Traditional Christmas shoes or socks
  • The back of a white draft sheet that you have decorated with felt or watercolor

These alternatives are also often an opportunity for creative hobbies to do with the children before Christmas! Making zero waste gift wrapping can be a snap. Add a pretty ribbon or natural burlap or linen string and a cardboard label with the person's name and you're done! Reuse ribbons that you have found on chocolate boxes or store gift boxes for example.

Merry ecological Christmas!

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