3 DIY decor for your child's room

Decorating a baby's or a child's room is surely one of the most enjoyable activities of parenthood. We want your child to feel good in his environment, his little cocoon, and although it is often necessary to be well organized so as not to forget anything among the essential decoration, there are also small decorative elements that you can easily make yourself, and which will bring your personal touch to the final decoration! In this article we invite you to discover or rediscover 3 simple and quick DIY decorating ideas. Follow the guide !

 DIY baby room decor

DIY decoration n ° 1: hanging garlands

Whether knitted, paper or masking tape, in triangle, round or pompom format, garlands bring an original and economical decorative touch. Do not hesitate to surf the net to find THE garland that inspires you!

DIY decoration n ° 2: confetti to put on the wall

It is easier to put stickers on the walls than to paint them whenever you want a change of decor, which is why stickers or confetti are an alternative to brush strokes (although you can combine the two for a nice contrast). In terms of shapes, you can opt for dots, triangles, or even any other shape if you have the time and patience: for this DIY you just have to cut out the desired shape from colored paper, old magazines. , etc and stick them on the walls of your child's room.

DIY decoration n ° 3: watercolor paintings

Whether you are good at painting or not, a little watercolor on a white sheet of paper works. Let your imagination run wild: the first name of your (future) child, drawings, shapes, mixtures of colors, etc ... Then frame your creations in pretty frames for a unique decoration!

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